• To sensitize and mobilize nomadic pastoralists to appreciate the value of modern education through the use of radio and other media.
  • To sensitize the nomads to contribute meaningfully towards the education of their children through face-to-face communication and other media particularly radio.
  • To increase the level of support and enthusiasm of nomads with a view to improve pupil’s enrolment, attendance and retention as well as adult literacy etc.
  • To enlighten nomads on basic modern animal husbandry practices as well as acquaint them with their civic rights and responsibilities.


The following mobilisation and public enlightenment activities were implemented in 2011:


The Commission’s weekly radio programme “Don Makiyaya a Ruga” has commenced for the 3rd quarter of the year 2011. The first and second quarter’s production and broad cast were successfully completed. In the first and second quarters, feed back in form of text messages were received through mobile phones. This totalled up to 133 messages which were read on air and were appropriately responded to.


  1. On 16th May, 2011 the Commission through its sensitized nomadic community of Wuro Magaji nomadic primary school in Kachia LGA, Kaduna State. There are a number of nomadic pastoral refugees who migrated from other places.
  2. On 2nd June, 2011 a team comprising (3) three officers from the Mobilization and Public Enlightenment Section, Department of Monitoring, Evaluation and Statistics and Animal Husbandry Section visited Kakura nomadic school in Chikun LGA, Kaduna State. During the visit the community was sensitized on the need for them to enroll their children/ wards in nomadic schools and ensure that they complete the full cycle of basic education.


  • UBEC/NCNE 2014 projects
  • Quality Assurance in Nomadic Education
  • Teachers education and development
  • Technical and vocational education

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  • One year strategic plan

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