As a way of adding value to the participatory approach in democratizing instructional materials and teacher preparation, the Commission solicited for support from UBEC in the areas of Classrooms, Instructional Materials and Teacher Development, in order to ensure access and equity. The commission has therefore implemented a number of projects supported by the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), MDGs and Capital Budget as part of strategies of consolidating the Transformation Agenda of Mr President.

A total of 48 blocks of three classrooms each have been constructed across 27 states in country through the UBEC funding while three (3) boreholes and two (2) schools were rehabilitated with funds received from MDGs and Capital Budget.


As part of the efforts to widen access and provide an all inclusive programme, the Commission has design and produced three types of collapsible structures for the education of the highly mobile pastoralist and semi-settle nomadic populations.

These structures range from the three span, two span and the round huts. These have provide some shade for effective learning to take place in areas that are highly remote and inaccessible areas and those along sited the transhumance cattle routes.


  • UBEC/NCNE 2014 projects
  • Quality Assurance in Nomadic Education
  • Teachers education and development
  • Technical and vocational education

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  • One year strategic plan

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